"Blue Magic Group specializes in carrying out AFRO HAIR TRANSPLANT IN TURKEY and the best PRP Treatments. Blue Magic Group uses cutting-edge medical technology and treatment modalities to provide each patient with the greatest results. Our therapies are offered to both men and women worldwide and are carried out in our clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, under the safest conditions, with our head office located in London and medical offices in Tirana and Istanbul. As the name suggests, we are committed to providing our clients with magical experiences by enabling them experience the best hair transplant compared to any other name in the market, together with our team of internationally recognised doctors.

We want your surgery to be as painless as possible while also giving you the piece of mind that comes with knowing you'll get the results you've always wanted on a vacation that will be gratifying in every way. Our prices are reputed to be 70% less expensive than those of any other hair transplant facility in London, the UK, Italy, or the USA. All of this is provided without sacrificing the calibre of your care, accommodations, or journey in any way!

From Europe to Istanbul, Turkey, BlueMagic has a solid reputation as the most skilled at doing the highest-quality hair transplants and providing all of their clients with results that last. Please call us at +39 030 764 1043 for further details."

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